The terms and conditions of sale set forth below (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”), shall exclusively govern the contractual relationship between NORKI and its Clients (hereinafter referred to as Client).
Only these Terms and Conditions shall apply between the Client and NORKI. They supersede and replace any other conditions, unless otherwise previously and expressly specified in writing. NORKI may occasionally be required to modify certain provisions of its Terms and Conditions.

Therefore, the Client must re-read the Terms and Conditions whenever an order is placed for goods. Such modifications shall apply upon signing and acceptance of the order and of orders placed previously.


Delivery of the goods is subject to the express condition of acceptance in writing of these Terms and Conditions of Sale (signature and stamp of the Client company).


The selling prices indicated in the catalogues and/or on any other materials are in euros exclusive of tax and exclusive of shipping and handling. Shipping and handling charges are payable solely by the Client, at the latest 15 days prior to delivery. Shipping is free (for France only) for orders over 4,000 euros exclusive of tax.


NORKI undertakes to honour all orders subject to availability of the products and after the order has been paid for in
If a product is unavailable, NORKI shall refund the price corresponding to this product within a maximum of 30 days
after the date agreed for delivery, as indicated in article 6 of these Terms and Conditions of Sale.


– Payment by bank transfer: IBAN and BIC. IBAN / FR76 1027 8010 8100 0202 7320 128 – BIC / CMCIFR2A


6.1 Delivery times

After payment of the order, the delivery time is 6 weeks (France – not including overseas departments and territories – European Union and Switzerland); however, NORKI shall not be held responsible for late delivery due to third parties such as carriers, government agencies (including but not limited to customs), bad weather or any other event falling under the scope of a case of force majeure.

For deliveries outside of mainland France, Corsica, the European Union and Switzerland, delivery times, as from payment of the order, shall be 6 weeks plus shipping time.

6.2 Modes of delivery

NORKI shall arrange for carriage of the goods; however, if the client wishes to use a carrier of his choice, he mustadvise NORKI thereof in writing (indicating the name and contact details of the carrier) at time of order.

6.3 Shipping and handling charges

The shipping and handling charges depend on the amount of the order and/or the volume (weight) of the goods ordered and shall be indicated to the Client 48 hours before the goods are shipped.  In no event shall an order be cancelled due to the cost of shipping, for which the Client is  olely responsible. Shipping is free for orders over 4,000 Euros exclusive of tax only in France Metropolitaine.

For orders delivered outside of France and the European Union, the Client must provide NORKI with the name and contact details of the forwarding agent. The customs duties, transport and forwarding agent fees shall remain payable solely by the Client.


In case of an insufficient quantity of raw materials, changes in legislation, failure of the manufacturer (for any reason whatsoever, such as bankruptcy, fire, etc.), the order placed by the Client may be cancelled by NORKI, after informing