Renovation of vintage furniture

Project :Craftman upholstery work

Customer : Gallery, museum, collector

Place : Paris, Genève, New-York, London, Moscow

Norki, it’s also an upholstery warehouse

Norki, with its talented artisans specialized in renovation in vintage furniture.

Scandinavian furnitures : Viggo Boesen, Otto Schultz, Fritz Hansen to name a few

European furniture : Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Jeanneret

With traditional upholstery :

Traditional upholstery is a craft that dates back centuries.

The methods we employ have changed little over time and, as far as possible, the materials we use are natural and proven. With this method, we avoid the use of foam.

The techniques require skill, patience and great attention to detail – even the process of carefully stripping back a chair to the bare frame can be lengthy. However, the satisfaction of transforming a worn out chair into a thing of beauty is worth every minute.

With modern upholstery

Modern upholstery is more appropriate for post-second world war chairs and uses foam as a stuffing, alongside some of the traditional materials such as hessian, felts and webbing and hand-stitched borders. It uses staples for fixing and delivers much quicker results than traditional upholstery keeping costs of material and labour down.

Upholstery available in sheepskin, lambskin, shearling, leather, fur, cowhide or fabric – Pierre Frey, Hermès, Dedar, Romo to name a few.

Bring us your interior design projects and we will find thesolutions which are best adapted to your needs.