Cowhide "Senghor" Collection

Reworked and dyed cowhide rug

Stunning collection of dyed cowhide rugs in the latest fashionable colours – Size : 5 /6 m².

Cowhides look great on the floor but can also be used as a stylish wall hanging or draped over furnishings.

To maintain the appearance of a cowhide we recommend regulary shaking outside to remove any trapped dirt or by using the nozzle attachment of a hoover. In high traffic areas we recommend turning the rug on a regular basis to ensure even wear.



black white and orange hair on hide rug
Large orange and red cowhide rug
Dyed green cowhide rug with design effects
Wonderfull and luxurious black and red cowhide rug
reworked and large black cowhide rug
Samples colours cowhide rug