Indulge yourself with gorgeous materials and velvety textures

Our creations speak for themselves, we are kindly inviting you to have a look at them, to judge and get inspred by our fur rugs.

Our premium quality rug are so soft and thick, you would want to sink your toes into the plush fur. Fox, Chinchilla and Zibeline furs have deep and inviting hue. They work equally well with neutral, light or dark environment.

There is nothing more cozy and welcoming that our fur rug.

We have no boundaries, the variety and project possibilities are virtually endless.

Fur available : Fox, Rex Rabbit, Chinchilla, Zibeline, Finnraccoon, Astrakhan, Coyote, Lynx.

Coyote fur and shearling rug – 200x300cm

Dyed arctic fox rug – 520x450cm

Deep chocolate

White rug in real fur – finnraccoon