Cowhide sofa and armchair "Alpina"

A reproduction from the 50s

Norki is reissuing a 1950s Sofa and Chair Collection and modernizing it. Wider, more comfortable and taller to meet the demands of our century, this range of furniture will seduce you with its comfort and originality.

A 2/3 seater sofa and a comfortable armchair, natural solid oak finish, blackened solid oak or aged solid oak.

Filling: cowhide in more than 46 trendy colors.

Sheepskin in long hairs or short hairs in white, black, gray, powder pink, golden, mottled gray, brown.

Natural white or black lambskin fur.

Coyote, fox, mink, rabbit rex

Choose your model and finish it ; we create your tailor-made “Alpina”.

Armchair “Alpina”

Black shearling upholstery

Armchair “Alpina”

Golden mink upholstery

Armchair “Alpina”

Sheep and foal

Sofa “Alpina”

Icelandic white long hairs upholstery

Sofa “Alpina”

White cowhide upholstery

Sofa “Alpina”

White shearling upholstery