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Unique furs for unique creations

We use fur, a splendid, luxurious material, to create an endless variety of decorative items for your absolute delight.

Our furs are exclusively selected from Canada and northern and eastern Europe, and the linings are carefully chosen in order to offer an impeccable finish and outstanding quality.

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Choose quality

Norki has chosen to exclusively use French cowhides due to their size (from 4.5 to 6 m²) and their leather quality.

Our palette of colours – boasting almost 200 options – is regularly expanded, so that you can incorporate skins and hides into various kinds of interior settings.

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Expertise, design and style

Using our range of skills, we create exclusive contemporary pieces, constantly developing our collection.

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For an interior matching your own style

Let your imagination run wild: all of our furniture items can be adapted to your needs and desires.

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The luxury of freedom

With reactivity and creativity as its key words, NORKI produces tailor-made articles in collaboration with interior decoration stores, designers and interior architects.

Our expertise and experience enable us to fulfil any challenge, whether in terms of material, colour or size.

We offer a selection of sumptuous materials for extraordinary creations, including furniture, blankets, throws, cushions, curtains, wall coverings and more... unique items for a gentle feeling of luxury.

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The NORKI signature, synonymous with excellence

Specialising in the design and manufacture of decorative elements using natural skins or furs, NORKI anticipates styles and trends, reinventing and experimenting with the materials.

Each of our items is unique; from intense colours to warm shades, each rug, cushion and blanket is designed on the basis of our strict specifications – a proactive approach for forward-thinking productions, designed for professionals.

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Sonia Linard


See things in a new light, stimulate creativity and provoke innovation

Natural skins and furs are great materials which open up unlimited creative possibilities.

The items we create give heart and soul to their new settings.

Based in Strasbourg, Sonia Linard, her husband Thierry and the whole team will be at your side to help accomplish all of your projects.

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